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I have a toothache for 7days. No fever but mild cheek swelling. What can i do?

A toothache that lasts for 7 days and is accompanied by mild cheek swelling could be a sign of an infection, and it's essential to seek professional dental care. Here are some general suggestions to help manage the pain and swelling while you wait to see a dentist:

Rinse with warm salt water: Mix a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth with it for 30 seconds several times a day. This can help reduce inflammation and pain.

Apply a cold compress: Hold a cold compress against the affected cheek for 20 minutes at a time, several times a day. This can help reduce swelling and numb the pain.

Over-the-counter pain relievers: You can take over-the-counter pain relievers, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, as directed on the package to help manage the pain.

Avoid certain foods and drinks: Avoid hot or cold foods and drinks, as well as sugary or acidic foods and drinks, as they can make the pain worse.

It's important to seek dental care as soon as possible to treat the underlying cause of the toothache and prevent further complications. In the meantime, try these home remedies to manage your symptoms, and avoid placing anything too hot or cold directly on the affected tooth as it can make the pain worse.

챗gpt에게 치과적 증상에 대해 물었다. 그랬더니 1초도 안걸려서  상세한 설명과함께 감염이 의심되며

치과에 가기전에 아래와같은 것들을 하라는  처방을 내렸다. 의사도 금방 떠올리지 못한 처방을 내려준것이다.

이뿐만이 아니다. 가사와 그에 맞는 곡을 써달라고 했더니 3분만에 가사와 기타코드를 디스플레이해주고 어떤 장르가 어울리는지까지 알려준다.

생각보다 엄청난 능력?을 보이고 있는 AI를 눈으로 확인하니 두려움이 앞선다. 특히 교육계는  학생들과 이런부분에 대해 심도있는 논의가 필요해보인다.

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